VigoCel backstory to Natural Health Supplements

Why all these ingredients for our natural health supplements?

Based on the importance of natural health supplements a United States medical, R&D team analyzed a large number of plant herbs over a 10 year period. 

At the same time, they studied the human cell’s need for nutrients. They found nutrients from 7 plants matched the six major nutrients needed for optimum human cell development. 

natural health supplements
VigoCel – natural health supplement

How did they choose the ingredients?

Medical research and development teams developed raw material ratios suitable for human clinical trials. These trials were not open to the public.

Where did the raw material come from?

The medical R&D team developed and conducted clinical testing and clinical trials during the development of VigoCel. The development Laboratory worked with a major manufacturer to produce the necessary quality product in quantities necessary for production. 

Due to massive needs of the 7 ingredients, strict conditions were placed on the Pharmaceutical factory to ensure the quality and quantities necessary for a good and stable production. 

The Pharmaceutical factory sourced the highest quality raw Materials cultivated worldwide.

Ingredients for the VigoCel natural health supplements are Cynomorium Songaricum, Cistanche Tubulosa, Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi) and Cordyceps Sinensis from China, Kudzu root (Pueraria root) from Thailand, Spirulina from Canada, Proanthocyanidins (Grape seed extract) from America.

Who did the research?

Doctor of Medicine led a group of biomedical engineering, genetic medicine engineering, nutrition medicine experts. More than 200 experts and scholars of anti-aging medical engineering faculties studied human cell disease.

How do they work in this combination?

The US Pharmaceutical manufacturer purchased the formulation directly from the R & D Laboratory.

Where did the research take place?

Selected Medical Colleges and Pharmaceutical Laboratories in the United States researched the VigoCel pill.

Who has the rights to manufacturing process?

The U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer bought the formulations outright.