In herbal health circles we know that an estimated 12~17% of the population experience at least one episode of depression and related mood disorders in a lifetime. Symptoms range from memory loss, concentration problems, decreased energy or fatigue, loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities, and difficulty in sleeping, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping.

Herbal health studies found Cistanche Tubulosa has the potential to be developed as an antidepressant, with results showing improved spatial learning and memory ability. Results from herbal health research into the herb Cistanche Tubulosa ranges between the aphrodisiac, immune-promoting, anti-oxidative, liver protection properties and libido rejevunation.

Does this sound familiar?

“I’m not feeling well even though I’m eating properly, exercising and taking my regular food supplements. All that and I’m still lacking energy.”

Whether you are 30 or a man in your 40s or a woman in her 50s your body asks for attention. That extra bit of attention you’re not getting after you’ve passed a certain age.

Having proper nutrition and exercising regularly is the best way to maintain energy levels as you age.

Modern life has its challenges, and we are subjected to stress unlike generations before. This evolutionary change has been growing at a rate that our need bodies to adjust to.

No wonder you seek help in maintaining a healthy life. You use various products, yet they seldom have the desired effect.

Correct nutrition accounts for more than 75% of our well-being. You need to pay attention to your diet and supplements if you wish to maintain good health as you age.


Unlike Pharma products VigoCel helps your body boost the immune system and reinvigorate energy levels naturally.

Cellular nutrition is simply providing ALL nutrients to the cell at optimal levels. This allows the cell to determine what it actually does and does not need. I don’t have to worry about determining which nutrients the cell is deficient in. —

What makes VigoCel unique is the combination of seven natural herbal ingredients carefully formulated and tested in conjunction with modern research and manufacturing.

By combining the best of both worlds VigoCel helps your body achieve its best condition.

VigoCel pills
VigoCel – natural food supplemment

VigoCel Cellular nutrition is a pure natural food supplement. It ensures that body cells receive the correct amount of nutrients in order to function properly and help maintain optimum health.

The main ingredients of VigoCel:

Cynomorium Songaricum is believed to be a longevity herb with Anticancer properties. An excellent sexual tonic and stimulant used for overcoming impotence in men and a lack of libido in women.

Cistanche Tubulosa has a reputation for increasing energy, slows the aging process, assist cognitive and brain development, an anti-depressant, rejuvenate Libido.

Kudza root (Pueraria root) Kudza contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents as well as cancer preventative ingredients and antileukemic agents. Slows bone loss and cartilage degradation Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, It has value in treating migraine and cluster headaches.

Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi) Lingzhi possess some anti-tumour, immunomodulatory qualities and Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth and Key Molecules in Inflammatory Breast Cancer immunotherapeutic activities treatment of cardiovascular risk factors

Cordyceps Sinensis is commonly used to replenish the kidney and soothe the lungs for the treatment of fatigue, with functions of anti-fatigue, anti-stress, improved work performance, and the prevention of mountain sickness. night sweating, hyposexualities, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, asthenia after severe illness, respiratory disease, renal dysfunction and renal failure, arrhythmias and other heart disease, and liver disease.

Spirulina Contains compounds that enhance the immune system. Scientific studies show remarkable general health improvements Well-tolerated Spirulina extract inhibits influenza virus replication and reduces virus-induced mortality

Proanthocyanidins (Grape Seed extract) is a flavanol known to reduce histamine production. Used in the treatment of allergies, helps to improve circulation by strengthening capillary walls. Especially important for people with compromised circulatory systems, such as stroke victims, diabetics, arthritics, smokers, oral contraceptive users and people with general cardiovascular insufficiencies. Proanthocyanidins helps collagen repair and keep skin elastic, smooth and wrinkle-free. Acts as an internal sunscreen inhibiting the suns effect on our skin and slowing the aging process.

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